Japanese Hammer Pattern Petal Teapot


The hammer pattern petals add a touch of elegance to your tea time, while the glass construction allows you to watch the tea leaves unfurl as they steep. This teapot is made of high-quality materials and construction, and it will make a beautiful addition to your home.

Saburo | Japanese Hammer Pattern Petal Teapot

Heat-resistant Handmade Hammer Pattern Small Teapot


Sakura Teapot, a Japanese-style Heat-resistant Glass Handmade Hammer Pattern Small Teapot designed for the art of tea brewing, perfect for Pu-erh and black tea enthusiasts.

Tea Glassware

Shell-shaped Fair Cup


Fair Cup Significance: In the realm of Japanese tea ceremony, the fair cup, holds a symbolic role. It acts as a vessel to receive the initial tea pour, ensuring that each participant receives an equal and consistent infusion. The Chiharu Shell-shaped Fair Cup beautifully embodies this principle, making it an essential component for those who appreciate the subtleties of fair and harmonious tea sharing.

Glass Fair Cups

Smoky Gray Heat-resistant Glass Tea Kettle & Cup


Discover the perfect harmony of style and utility with Toshiro, where craftsmanship meets modern design in the world of tea.

Toshiro | Tea Kettle & Cup

Penguin Hammered Fair Cup / Set


Elevate your tea-drinking experience with the Asou Penguin Hammered Fair Cup, where craftsmanship and functionality come together to enhance the beauty of your tea moments.

Asou Fair Cup + 2pcs Kaori 5-Petal Cups Set