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Adele Medici

Aida | Begonia Slanting Fair Cup

Aida | Begonia Slanting Fair Cup

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Key Features:

  • Heat-resistant glass with a transparent and hammered pattern design.
  • Slanting mouth for a controlled and aesthetic pour.
  • Thickened glass construction for enhanced durability.

Elevate your tea-drinking experience with the Aida Begonia Slanting Fair Cup, where form and function converge seamlessly to bring the beauty of Japanese tea culture to your tea rituals.

    Product Specifications:

    • Cup Opening Diameter: 10 cm (3.94 inches)
    • Cup Bottom Diameter: 5.3 cm (2.09 inches)
    • Cup Height: 10 cm (3.94 inches)
    • Capacity: 200 ml (6.76 fluid ounces)


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